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Fall & Accident Screening Tool


The Home Falls and Accidents Screening Tool (Home FAST) helps you assess the risk of older patients falling in their own homes.

  • check-circle-1 Identifies older people at risk of falling
  • check-circle-1 Assesses 25 of the most common home hazards
  • check-circle-1 Provides a personalised risk assessment, tailored for each patient
  • check-circle-1 Highlights seriousness of the risk: low, medium or high
  • check-circle-1 Generates relevant recommendations
  • check-circle-1 Is fully validated and based on 20+ years research
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Help your patients stay healthy and active

Modification of home hazards is an effective way of preventing falls. This validated and evidence-based tool offers a structured fall-risk assessment, covering 25 of the most common home hazards. Patients are identified as having a low, medium or high risk of falling and a report is auto-generated showing each individual’s fall risk.


Assessments can be conducted as you walk around a patient’s home. Reports are generated immediately, saving you the time of typing them up later. Results can be printed or saved for later use.

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Designed for healthcare professionals

The Home FAST risk assessment tool is suitable for occupational therapists, nurses, community carers, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, case managers and coordinators, rehabilitation councillors, doctors, social workers and other healthcare professionals interested in geriatrics, healthy ageing and nursing interventions to prevent falls.


Home FAST Plans

Professional access to the Home Falls and Accidents Screening Tool is available on an annual basis. Yearly access allows you to conduct an unlimited number of fall risk assessments.

Results from each assessment can be printed or saved as a PDF, suitable for printing or emailing.

First 30 days
Individual access
Up to 10 people
More than 10 people

Paid registration includes:

  • unlimited patient fall risk assessments
  • a printable Home FAST user manual
  • access to patient education resources

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