China 居家跌倒事故筛选工具 专业人士 居家跌倒事故筛选工具 自我测试


Different areas around the home can put you at risk of a fall. Here are some tips on accident-proofing your home and preventing falls.

1. Walkways

  • remove-circleNo clutter
  • remove-circleNo cords
  • remove-circleNo obstructions
  • check-circle-1Free from clutter
  • check-circle-1Keep furniture out of hallways

2. Floor covering

  • remove-circleNo threadbare carpets
  • remove-circleNo cracked or missing tiles
  • remove-circleNo badly fitting carpet
  • check-circle-1Carpets lie flat
  • check-circle-1Even, level walking surfaces

3. Slippery floors

  • remove-circleNo slippery tiles outside
  • remove-circleNo slippery tiles in the bathroom
  • remove-circleNo slippery tiles in the kitchen or laundry
  • check-circle-1Use non-slip surface additives
  • check-circle-1Keep floor dry

4. Loose mats

  • remove-circleAvoid putting down a loose mat or rug
  • check-circle-1Take up any loose mats or rugs and ensure floor surface is level
  • check-circle-1If necessary only use a large rubber backed mat that does not move
  • check-circle-1If necessary secure mats with nails or sticky backed tape to fix to the floor

5. Getting on and off the bed

  • remove-circleA bed is too low when seated on the bed, knees are higher than hips
  • remove-circleDon’t use a soft mattress
  • remove-circleDon’t pull up on bedside tables
  • check-circle-1Firm mattress
  • check-circle-1Appropriate height bed
  • check-circle-1Sit on the side of the bed for a few minutes before getting up to stand

6. Chair transfers

  • remove-circleNo soft cushions
  • remove-circleChairs that are too low and without accessible arms
  • remove-circleDifficult to stand from a seated position
  • check-circle-1Appropriate height to allow ease of standing
  • check-circle-1Firm supportive cushions
  • check-circle-1Accessible arm supports

7. Lighting

  • remove-circleSingle lights may not be bright enough
  • remove-circleAvoid glare caused by sunshine coming in through windows
  • remove-circleAvoid shadows across rooms
  • check-circle-1Use bright enough lighting
  • check-circle-1Each room should have at least 75 watts of incandescent lighting in total
  • check-circle-1Use night lights

8. Bedside lighting

  • remove-circleHave to get out of bed to switch on a light
  • remove-circleNo accessible light switch
  • check-circle-1Accessible bedside lamp from the bed
  • check-circle-1Use of a flashlight accessible from the bed
  • check-circle-1Use of night lighting to the toilet

9. Outside lighting

  • remove-circleNo lights at front or rear doors
  • remove-circleLights too dim
  • remove-circleDifficult to identify pathway hazards and steps
  • check-circle-1Lights exist over both back and front doors, walkways, and steps
  • check-circle-1Light bright enough to see clearly at night
  • check-circle-1Use of sensor lights

10. Toilet transfer

  • remove-circleToilet seat is too low
  • remove-circleNo grab rails to assist with transfers
  • remove-circleDo not hold on to sink or towel rails for support
  • check-circle-1Toilet at adequate height to ease of transfers
  • check-circle-1Grab rails available for support
  • check-circle-1Use of raised toilet seat if needed

11. Use of the bath/shower over bath

  • remove-circleDifficulty stepping over edge of bath to use shower
  • remove-circleDifficulty sitting down on the base of the bath to bathe
  • remove-circleNo grab rails to assist with transfers
  • check-circle-1Use of bath board instead of sitting down in the bath
  • check-circle-1Grab rails accessible for support
  • check-circle-1Use of a shower hose to bathe

12. Shower access

  • remove-circleShower doors only allow a narrow entrance
  • remove-circleShower hob to step over
  • remove-circleInadequate space for a shower chair if needed
  • check-circle-1No shower hob
  • check-circle-1Adequate space for a shower chair if needed
  • check-circle-1Easy access
  • check-circle-1Grab rails available for support

13. Grab rails

  • remove-circleNo grab rails only towel rails in the bathroom
  • remove-circleInappropriately placed grab rails
  • check-circle-1Appropriately placed rails
  • check-circle-1Rails easy to reach
  • check-circle-1Rails positioned to avoid reaching

14. Slip resistant mats

  • remove-circleNo slip resistant mats used in the shower or bath
  • remove-circleMats are old or not cleaned adequately
  • check-circle-1Slip resistant mats are well maintained, and free of talcum powder and oily bath products
  • check-circle-1Non-slip strips used

15. Toilet proximity to bedroom

  • remove-circleToilet is located outside or on the verandah of the home
  • remove-circleToilet is located a long walk from the bedroom
  • remove-circleToilet is located up or down steps from the bedroom
  • check-circle-1Toilet is located adjacent to the bedroom
  • check-circle-1No steps required to reach the toilet
  • check-circle-1Nightlights used on the route to the toilet

16. Reaching items in the kitchen

  • remove-circleDon’t climb onto chairs or stools to reach items in high cupboards
  • remove-circleDon’t store items in low cupboards that require bending to find
  • remove-circleAvoid the need to use a step ladder
  • check-circle-1Store items within easy reach
  • check-circle-1Install cupboards using deep drawers to make items more accessible
  • check-circle-1Look for new storage ideas

17. Carrying meals

  • remove-circleAvoid carrying meals and drinks as this can decrease balance when walking
  • remove-circleIf using a walking aid carrying meals and drinks will be difficult
  • check-circle-1Consume meals and drinks in the kitchen where possible
  • check-circle-1Use a trolley to move meals to a dining room

18. Rails on indoor steps/stairs

  • remove-circleNo rails on the stairs
  • remove-circleRails only on one side of the stairs
  • remove-circleRails are not sturdy, are hard to grip or do not run for the whole length of the stairs
  • check-circle-1Rails are accessible for all indoor steps and stairs
  • check-circle-1Rails should be provided both sides of stairs
  • check-circle-1Rails are sturdy, easy to grip and run for the full length of the stairs

19. Rails on outdoor steps

  • remove-circleNot rails on outdoor steps
  • remove-circleOnly decorative rails available
  • remove-circleRails not strong enough to provide support
  • check-circle-1Rails are securely fixed
  • check-circle-1Rails are accessible for the full length of the steps
  • check-circle-1Rails are easy to grip

20. Capacity to use steps/stairs

  • remove-circleSteps are too high or too narrow
  • remove-circleDifficulty putting a foot fully on a step tread
  • remove-circleUnable to hold on to anything if in pain or breathless when using steps
  • check-circle-1Step treads are wide enough to place feet fully
  • check-circle-1Not incapacitated by pain or breathlessness when using stairs
  • check-circle-1Rails allow support to overcome pain and breathlessness

21. Step edges

  • remove-circlePatterned stair or step coverings
  • remove-circleUnable to see the edge of the steps clearly
  • check-circle-1Visual contrast to identify step edges
  • check-circle-1Colour contrast for the edges of steps
  • check-circle-1No patterned floor coverings

22. Entrance door

  • remove-circleNo landing to access entrance doors without reaching to use door handle
  • remove-circleDifficulty bringing in shopping or other items
  • check-circle-1A landing before door to make access to the entrance doors more accessible
  • check-circle-1Locks and bolts are at an appropriate height
  • check-circle-1Entrances to apartment buildings are easily accessible

23. Outdoor paths

  • remove-circleOver grown plants/weeds on paths
  • remove-circleGarden hoses encroaching on paths
  • remove-circleLoose pavers
  • check-circle-1Paths are clear of tools, plants or moss
  • check-circle-1No loose pavers
  • check-circle-1No cracked paths

24. Footwear

  • remove-circleLoose slippers
  • remove-circleFlip flops
  • remove-circleBarefoot
  • check-circle-1Supportive, firmly fitting shoes
  • check-circle-1Low heels
  • check-circle-1Non-slip soles

25. Pets

  • remove-circleNeed to bend down to feed pets
  • remove-circleDogs too active and may jump or pull on leads
  • remove-circleCats and dogs may get around legs
  • check-circle-1Train dogs to walk easily on a lead
  • check-circle-1Prepare food while the pet in another room
  • check-circle-1Use a no bend pet feeder